SBA Item Types & Practice Tools

Smarter Balanced Assessment  (SBA)

SBA assessments are made up of four item types:

  • Selected-Response Items (SR) Traditionally known as Multiple Choice, selected-response items include a stimulus and stem followed by three to five options from which a student is directed to choose only one.
  • Constructed-Response Items (CR) The main purpose of a constructed-response item is to address targets and claims that are of greater complexity. They ask students to develop answers without suggested answer choices.
  • Technology-enhanced Items/Tasks (TE) Technology-enhanced items can provide evidence for ELA practices that could not be as reliably obtained from traditional SRs and CRs. Technology-enhanced items may stand alone or may be a tool used as part of the Performance Task and/or Constructed-Response items. Several TE template specifications have been designed for use in the ELA domain, including reordering text, selecting and changing text, selecting text, and selecting from drop-down menus.
  • Performance Tasks (PT) The ELA Performance Tasks focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening, and research claims. They measure capacities such as depth of understanding, interpretive and analytical ability, basic recall, synthesis, and research. They may take place over time.

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